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Pour Over Coffee - 2 pack

Pour Over Coffee - 2 pack

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It starts with specialty grade coffee beans (80pts+) from Buensaco, Colombia. Ground perfectly for a pour over, packed in a portable pour over packet and nitrogen sealed to preserve its flavor: Orange, Brown Sugar, Fig.

A cup and hot water is all that is needed. The pour over much clips in over the coffee cup allowing a simple, mess free way to make the most beloved style of coffee: pour over. Set of 2 in each box.

Instructions: Open outer wrapper by tearing from the top ridges of packet. Pinch and Tear perforated top of pouch (along dotted line, printed “OPEN HERE”), to create opening. Gently pull out "arms" and attach onto rim of cup/mug. Slowly pour boiled water into the pouch's opening to the top without overflowing. allow water time to drip through and repeat 2-3 times or to taste. dispose of the filter pouch. Enjoy! Suggested water temperature: 205°F, or just off boiling (boil water and wait until water settles). total extraction time is 3-4 minutes.

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