About Us

Founded by Military Veteran, Jack Wray, Hero Care Packages was created to send packages to military personnel with items they really want and to make it easy for family and friends to send military care packages.  

Wray said, "When we pulled into port in the Navy, sailors who had been at sea for months would wait for hours in line just to see if they got mail, rather than go out on liberty in a foreign port. But as an officer, I was always broken hearted when I saw some of my sailors who didn't get packages-- or when they did, the packages often contained things that they couldn't use or didn't quite want. Sending a care package was difficult."

Hero Care Packages was created to fix all of that. We have a fully customized model where you can choose the items you know they'll love.  Or, if you don't know what they'd like or simply don't have the time, we'll do it for you. We'll handle the APO and FPO shipping and we ensure that it's easy for you to send a care package to the hero you love. 

Now, as we, the new owners take over the company - Alex and I dedicate our work with military care packages to our fathers, John Pietro and Victor Quintana.

Thanks for supporting us as we take on this new adventure! - Debbie