Who are you?

We are a family owned company and dedicate this business to our fathers, John Pietro and Victor Quintana - both Army veterans. Our warehouse is located in Peoria, Arizona and we specialize in custom curation of premium military care packages. We are 100% focused on top quality care packages. We believe our military personnel deserve better than potato chips and fruit snacks.

How do I enter in the shipping information?

FPO or APO should be in the "city" field, while the "state" is AE/AP or something similar. The numbers at the end of the address should be in the zip code area. A sample address would be:

  • John Doe (name)
  • 82nd Marines (Address line #1)
  • Unit 839 (Address line #2)
  • FPO (City) AP (State) 12345 (zip)

If you have more lines than that, they can just follow in the address line. We check every address before mailing the package to ensure it conforms with shipping requirements, and if you order it wrong we fix it so it gets where it needs to go. If you omit something important, we will reach out to make sure we get the right info!

My tracking information says my care package hasn't been delivered. Should I be worried?

Don't worry! USPS tracking doesn't extend outside of the military mail system, so while there is a "tracking number," it works differently than most tracking numbers we are used to-- it will never show "delivered" unless your care package is addressed somewhere in continental the United States.The package will eternally say "in transit" to destination.

That's because we are really dealing with two mailing companies: USPS and Military Mail (APO/FPO). So when USPS hands it off to the military, they stop tracking it, and the military delivers it to the service member. It can be frustrating, but the location of units is usually classified, so the military wants to avoid a system where they disclose when or where people get packages-- it would tell too much about where each unit is, and give away too much information about troop movements.

The most common location of exit is Chicago, so if your tracking information ends there, that usually means it was safely handed off to the military.The city can change depending on the unit, and is routed to a number of different cities.

The best way to find out if your service member got the package is to reach out to them directly! Remember, it can take up to 45 days to get a care package to a service member, because sometimes deployment schedules require packages to sit and wait for a unit to arrive from a mission. We include a self-addressed stamped postcard in each care package for the service member to write back, so hopefully they take advantage and let you know themselves!

Can I donate a care package?

Yes! Help us meet our mission of getting care packages to service members around the globe. Simply order a donation box here, and we will send it to a service member in the branch of your choosing. If you'd like to include your address, we will put that on pre-paid and pre-addressed postcard so the service member can write you back their thanks.

On the subject of donations-are you a 501(c)(3) charity?

No, we are not. But when you donate a care package, we partner with a fantastic charity, Soldier's Angels, so you can rest assured that when we send your package off to them, their fantastic team will get it to a deserving service member.

Can I write a note to my service member?

Of course! And we don't have any of those pesky 160-character limits! If you want to write a whole letter, go for it! It's your way of letting the veteran know you're thinking about them. We will include the letter in the box that we mail to the veteran. You can even upload a photo.

What if I want to buy multiple care packages for one person? Will you ship each one in a separate box, or all together?

We allow people to buy multiple care packages, and we simply place them into one larger box. If you have cards from multiple people, or multiple photos, we add them in as well. This is done largely to deter theft. Sometimes, if someone gets 3 or 4 boxes at once, one of them is more likely to "disappear" because they're seen as more fortunate. But someone who only receives one care package is less likely to have their care package stolen. Although most service members are honest and don't steal from others, the packages are often delivered in piles, and a large pile for one person can become an easy target for thieves. We try to avoid that outcome as much as we can!

Will my care package have the same things pictured in the photo?

Yes, with rare exceptions! If we are out of a product, we reserve the right to replace a product in the care package with another similar product, which will be valued at, or above, the one pictured. So, for example, if we are out a certain product valued at $5, we may replace it with a similar that is valued at $6, but we will not replace it with one valued at $2.

How long will it take to get to my service member?

We ship everything priority mail. We ensure it's put on a plane to your service member, while many conventional delivery options still travel by boat (and sometimes take months to arrive). Even so, delivery times are inherently unpredictable due to service schedules and logistical support. We tell people to expect 2 - 3 weeks, but many are often pleasantly surprised when it gets there earlier. We do everything we can on our end to ship it as quickly as possible after receiving the order.

Can I ship to members in basic training?

Sadly, no, care packages are not allowed at basic training, OCS, or any of the training regimes for new recruits. Choose a card, but not care packages! Save them for once they've gotten out of their initial training period.