Drop Ship Program - By Invitation Only

We are looking for 10 individuals who are interested in having their own Military Care Package business. We launch in July 2024.

Interested in selling military care packages but skipping the product procurement, cost analysis, design, photography, website product management, warehousing and shipping part?  Then you're going to love our new drop ship program.  

How it works:

  1. Join our program for a one time fee of $1500. We'll create an e-commerce website for you along with the build your own military care package feature, pre-made kits and even our new military kids program.  
  2. You handle your own marketing. You can sell anywhere you'd like including Amazon, Etsy, Instagram - within your own community of followers. There are no restrictions on where you sell.
  3. As orders come in, we do the fulfillment for you.  We create the care package, print out the photo, gift card message, packing slip and ship on your behalf.  
  4. You make 25% on every sale. 

Please note the on-going monthly costs to pay for the website and associated apps is approximately $60 per month and our monthly membership fee is $99 per month. 

Other Things to Know:

  1. If you need a logo, we can help with that for free.
  2. Our ordering process with your website is automated. When an order comes in, everything is handled for you including inputting the tracking information.
  3. Products are updated automatically including new "build your own box" products and new care packages for specific holidays.
  4. Your customers are your customers. We never contact, engage or market to your customers.
  5. We provide gift card messages and printed photographs to your customers for free.
  6. We are limiting the number of companies within certain cities to avoid overlap.

Sound good? Complete this form if you're interested and we'll respond within 24 hours. 

Cities/States unavailable:  Sacramento, California; Manchester, New Hampshire; Georgetown, Texas; San Juan, Puerto Rico